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1) We make you stand out

Our developers create something unique to introduce you to new potential listeners. Everything they do is based on the photos that you send us, and the job is only done once you're satisfied. See this link for an example of the possibilities.


2) We advertise you on display networks

They place ads on hundreds of thousands of websites. The ad that gets displayed to one individual person is determined based on keywords within the page or article they are reading, such as similar artists, which you provide. Read up more about display networks here!


3) New potential fans visit your official page

An incredibly large amount of people visit the websites mentioned above. A very small portion of them look at the ads, and an even smaller amount of them are interested by what they see, and click on the ad. They are part of the narrowed down 0.1% group who are interested in the genre and in the ad, and they are directed straight to the introductory page which our developers designed for you in step 1, which is now on your Facebook page.


4) A word of mouth effect is organically created

Once they have listened, they are encouraged to tell their friends about it, in exchange for a free download, which can be a sample. Their friends see what they have shared, and more join in on the action.


5) The journey starts here

As your fanbase grows over time, you'll find that interaction gradually increases, and results keep improving. Click here to get started!